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“Labyrinth Catalunya” is an initiative aiming to promote the work of “Labyrinth Musical Workshop” (L.M.W. of Crete/Greece) in Catalunya, Spain, as well as all over Europe. It is based in Cardedeu and it is supported by the non­profit association Musica Modal a Cardedeu. Labyrinth in Catalunya works in close collaboration with the original L.M.W. based in Crete/Greece.

Although all master­-musicians teaching at Labyrinth are always travelling, invited to present and teach their art world­wide, L.M.W. itself has always been based in Crete/Greece where the museum of musical instruments of Ross Daly, the founder of the workshop, also lies. “Labyrinth in Catalunya” is an organised attempt for L.M.W. to travel outside Greece for the first time, not only through the teachers themselves, but also through spreading and sharing the philosophy of the workshop and the dynamics created from a meeting of a bigger group of people. Our dream is to make L.M.W. travel around and connect with different localities around and beyond Europe.

In a time in Europe when bonds between different nations are tested, when borders are seemingly rising to divide, due to economic, political and religious dogmas, we consider that it is of crucial importance to emphasize ­ once again ­ the power of the art of music, as a means of uniting people. A unity that doesn’t homogenize, nor categorizes between “superior” and “inferior” cultures. Rather it stems from a deep respect and knowledge about various musical languages; ­ thus the educative part of the workshop. For these reasons, the events are thought of and organized far away from big cities, in a relaxed environment where people, students, teachers, visitants and village people, can spend time together, be near the country­side, play music, exchange experiences and create bonds.