Teta Art Space

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The Teta Art Space is a studio and a gallery with a permanent exhibition of sculptures and paintings by Teta, investing in communication and extroversion.

The space focuses on contemporary art with an orientation to house innovative ideas that have a pulse, that capture the present and to encourage the public’s appreciation for Greek contemporary art.

It opens its door to new perspectives, gives a step to free expression, creativity, experimentation, promotes the meeting and conversation of artists, encourages collaboration and collectivity with the aim of not only the exhibition of works but their framing and conversation with other art forms in parallel, so that the presentation of each work of art is a cultural event resulting from the union of various arts.

The artistic program of the Teta Art Space includes the running of workshops and speeches and the promotion of sculpture, painting, installations, performance, music, dance, theater, photography, cinema, literature, poetry, design, to its audience, with high aesthetic criteria.

In addition, the vision of the Teta Art space is to highlight the artistic potential of the city and to communicate its artistic stigma.